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Common Questions on Doctor’s Notes

Can you get a doctor’s note without seeing a doctor?

This is a good question. Usually it requires a doctor’s office visit to get a real note.  This can be very expensive and can take up a lot of time.  One option is to get a medical note by visiting a virtual doctor. Sadly, these services do not hand out notes very easily, as the doctor would be fully responsible and it is difficult without seeing the patient.

So your best bet is to get a doctor’s note from an online provider. Never use a free source as these are used by many people and many bosses and professors have seen these.  They are very aware of what they look like.  These notes also do not look real at all because they often lack crucial elements that are seen in doctor’s excuses.

I need a free fill in the blank doctor’s note. Where can I find one?

As stated above, its not wise to use any notes that are free.  However, if you want the ability to customize the note,  then a premium doctor’s note can do this.  Be sure that you go to a great provider like   The very best notes are editable on Microsoft word.

Where can I get a free printable doctor’s excuse for work?

This is a very bad idea. Please see the above answers to learn more about this.

Is using a doctor’s note for work against the law?

This is an interesting question.   If you use a doctor’s note and fill in fictional information, it might not be illegal.  However, if you  fill in a real doctor’s personal information, it is likely considered fraud. So please, be careful and consider talking to an attorney first.

I need a Minute Clinic  / Kaiser Permanenete / Patient First doctor’s note. Where can I get one?

The best method would be go to one of these providers and ask them for one.  However, if you cannot do this, then its best to go to a premium doctor’s note provider, buy the notes, and then put these logos on top.   Please be aware, however, that mimicking these real life institutions can be illegal (see above answer).  So only do this if you’re tricking friends or family.

Free printable doctor’s note for work.  Is this possible?

As mentioned earlier in this article, its not advisable that you use a free note.  This is because many notes that are free are used by many people. Bosses and professors have seen these notes numerous times, and can almost always conclude that they are faked.  SO please, do not risk it.

Is it really possible to craft a DIY doctor’s note?

A lot of people want to make their own doctor’s note.  This is a creative and ambitious endeavor.  It can be done, but its best to have a real note or a note from a premium provider before you do this. That way you can model your note after the note that you’ve acquired.   Remember that your note should include things like a logo, signature, watermark, and perhaps a stamp.  All of these elements are not required, and many doctor’s do not use them, but it can add to the realism of the note and can make it much more convincing.  So give it a shot.

How to get a doctor’s note without insurance?

If you want to get a doctor’s note without insurance, than the best way to do it is either use a fake doctor’s note purchased (not found) online, or consult with a real online doctor.  You can also visit a doctor’s office, but the fees can be quite expensive.

How to get a doctor’s note for work?

To get a note for work, you just have to go to a premium provider and take a look around.  There are very few quality providers. is one of them.  Once you find a provider, purchase and download their product.  Find the note that best suites you, edit  it on your computer, and submit it via email , fax, or in person.   Never use a free note and always submit your note with confidence.  Make the medical restrictions very vague, as a real note will seldom say much about the ailment/reason for being seen.

I need a real doctor’s note for school. Where can I get one?

If you want to get a real doctor’s note, then your best bet is to go to a doctor’s office.  Upon arrival, fake a fictional illness like a stomach bug —  as its something that is rather hard to prove.  Tell him/her that you have taken some days off and you need to return to work.

If this technique does not work, then another option is to go to an online doctor and try to get them to provide you with a document.  However, the online doctor’s can be quite difficult to get notes from… but its worth trying out.

Your last option is to just get a fake note. If you choose the right provider, you will find that they look no different than regular notes.  The site’s notes were actually tested against real notes and people actually found them to look more real than real notes.

How to make a fake medical certificate online?

There are some services online that let you edit the document before downloading.  However, after you’ve filled out all the information, they often  ask you for payment.  This is fair, but these sites are usually just one tier above the free template sites.  In my opinion, they are very risky to use as many people are using these.

The best doctor’s notes are downloadable Microsoft word documents that you have full control over.  You need a desktop computer to edit the document, but can tailor the document exactly to your needs to make an incredibly convincing excuse form.

Is it true that there is such things as a “verifiable doctor’s note”?

Yes. Some Sites lie provide a service where you can get your own phone number that allows an answering service that sounds like a real medical office.  There are also services that you can find online that you can hire to do this for you.  However, please be careful with this.

Do I need doctor’s note PDF for the best results?

PDF documents are quite slick, however, the best doctor’s notes are in MS Word format.  PDF documents can be quite visually appealing, however, they are limited in their editability.  The very best doctor excuses are fully editable within microsoft word.

Do most people use doctor’s notes for missing work?

According to a survey at, the answer is yes. Most people miss some days of work and then need to return to work with a note.  The second most common reason for a note is after missing a few days of school.   Usually people do not need a note when they are preparing to miss days.  Its usually after the days are already missed.

I need a fake doctor’s note generator. Where can I find one?

I really cannot help you with this. Some people think there is a magical generator that allows you to enter information and a note is produced.  Honestly, I would be very careful with such things.  Something like this is usually found on a free site, and these sites are use by many people and have a lot of risk.  The very best doctor’s notes cost a small fee and are downloaded and edited with Microsoft word.

(PS – you might want to read this doctor’s note article. )

My friend used several free printable fake doctor’s notes over the course of the year. He was caught.  Do you know why?

it is likely because he was using a free document.  AS mentioned earlier this has been a cause for many people getting into trouble. I do not recommend using the free notes at all.  It just has too much risk involved.

Can I download  a free fake doctor’s note template and then fill in the blanks?

Yes. You can do this easily. There are many free sites online that allow you to download, edit and print out a note. However, these free sites are not to be trusted and their products are commonly seen by professors and teachers.

If you really want a great document, then its best you go to a premium provider.

Easy Tips for Using Fake Dr Excuse Notes without Getting Caught

There are a variety of fake doctor’s excuse notes available today, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting some free time off work or school, right?
Successful team of doctors, female with the clipboard

Yes, it’s true that a fake note from a doctor, hospital letter, or some other medical document can get you the free time you need, but using this method to get out of work or class can be risky. This article will help you minimize these risks and make sure you don’t get caught with a fake doctor’s note.
Here are the basic rules of using a fake doctor note or hospital letter:

• Use the names of realistic sounding doctors.
Even though your note/letter is fake, the name of the doctor must sund real because your boss can verify it. The privacy laws protect you, so employers and teachers can’t just call the doctor’s office to ask whether you’ve really visited on the day the note was issued. Proper preparation is the key to using fake doctor’s notes without getting caught. Remember that you need to choose the name of a doctor who specializes in conditions you chose as your excuse. It would be really sad to get in trouble just because your ‘dental emergency’ excuse note bears the name of the local eye doctor.

• Choose a viable excuse.
It would look very suspicious if you submit a fake doctor’s note from a cardiologist with no prior history of heart conditions. Think carefully when choosing the best excuse for you. I suggest doing some reading as there are plenty of statistical reports and helpful articles online. You can find the list of the best fake doctors excuses for work or school, but don’t forget that the excuse must fit you personally.


• Get someone else to fill out the fake doctor’s note template by hand.
Despite the fact that the vast majority of doctors use blank printable medical note and letter templates they find online and all their paperwork is done electronically, some of the notes have the spaces that must be filled out by hand. If your fake template is like this, you will need to get someone else to fill it out for you. In case you want to keep this whole adventure a secret, train writing in a different handwriting before you start customizing your fake doctor’s excuse note template. Don’t just hope that your boss is inattentive enough to miss the resemblance of handwriting as our minds react to such details on a subconscious level. Therefore, if you don’t want to get caught, you need to be 100% sure that your fake doctor excuse note is absolutely perfect.
Note that this rule is especially important for fake doctor’s excuses for school as teachers pay a great deal of attention to handwriting.

How to Choose an Online Fake Doctor’s Notes Service

Use a dr. note
A doctor’s note is a great tool.

One thing you learn fast when looking for any kind of product online is that finding the best items can be a bit tricky. It’s even harder with fake doctor’s excuse notes as they must be perfect. In order to buy the highest quality fake note or letter from a doctor to excuse your absence from work/school, you need to find a company you can trust. This kind of business should possess the following features:

• Free samples.
How will you know whether the fake doctor’s notes you are about to buy are good if you don’t check them first?
An online company that doesn’t offer free samples cannot be trusted. When a firm has nothing to hide, it won’t have any problem with providing a few free fake doctors notes templates for you to study so that you can assess their quality.

• Free verification service.
In the vast majority of cases, you won’t need to use this service because a good fake doctor’s note or letter looks real enough so that your boss won’t question it. However, the free verification service provides you with a safety net to rely on in case your employer decides to verify the information of the note. If this happens, he/she will hear a pre-recorded answer when calling the phone number on the fake note and will get the verification that this doctor’s office truly exists. Employers aren’t allowed to ask any questions regarding your actual presence in the office, so this verification is enough to dispel any doubts. Note that this service must be provided free of charge if you buy the best fake doctor’s note excuse note templates.

• Free consultation/instructions.
Customizing the fake doctor’s note template can be tricky if you have no experience, so a reliable online company will provide you with free instructions. It also should offer a free consultation you can use in case you encounter some problems when personalizing the medical template you downloaded.

• Instant delivery.
The best online companies allow you to download fake doctor’s notes right from their websites or email them to you instantly. This is a mark of professionalism and will definitely come in handy if you need your medical excuse ASAP.

• Reasonable price.
Do some online market research to determine the average cost of fake doctor’s excuse notes. Look for online companies that offer reasonable prices. Remember that the cheapest and free products can be of low quality and the most expensive are usually overpriced.

• Excellent reputation.
Look through online forums to check out testimonials about different fake doctor’s notes services. There are hundreds of people who use these excuses and share their experiences. Reading them will help you find the fake doctor’s excuse notes service with the best reputation.

Free Fake Doctor Notes: Not a Good Idea

Everyone loves free goods, but unfortunately, a free deal is not always the best. It definitely isn’t when it comes to buying doctor’s and hospital excuse notes online. No authentic looking fake is free because making this type of medical document requires a lot of effort.
However, you shouldn’t worry about not being able to afford a fake medical excuse as reliable online companies offer them at very low prices. Therefore, even students can buy and use phony papers for pranking.

Extra Tips for How to Make a Fake Doctor’s Note Work

Even the best fake doctor’s note that looks 100% authentic can fail you if you forget about the most important thing, your acting. Remember how you feel when you are really sick. Do you act chipper and energized when you return to work?

It might be very hard to contain your positive energy when you get back to the office after taking some free time off and resting properly. However, it’s imperative to act the way that will make people believe you were ill. From my experience, I can offer the following tips:

• Research top excuses for missing work.
You’ll need to do this to pick a believable medical excuse for your absence.

• Research the condition.
There are plenty of medical articles online that detail symptoms and treatment of almost every disease known to man, and this information is available for free. You should learn everything about the condition you fake so that you know how to behave believably.

Practice in front of the mirror.
This may sound silly to you, but practice makes perfect. If acting isn’t your strong suit, you should spend some time in front of the mirror working on your expressions.

Should You Chance Making a Fake Doctor’s Note Yourself?

No, you really shouldn’t do this if you aren’t a professional who forges doctor letters for a living. This will save you a little bit of money, but expose you to a great risk of losing your job. In this case, buying high-quality medical papers is indeed a worthy investment.

Even experts are having a hard time to perfect a convincing fake note. So making one for yourself is not advisable. Doing so just might cost you more than a few dollars, including the possibility of getting fired or even worse, ending up in jail. Fooling your boss with a fake note requires more effort and thinking or else, you’re only making a fool out of YOURSELF. 2

I understand that our healthcare system isn’t the best at the moment, so many people are forced to use fake doctor’s notes even if they have real excuses. Personally, I did this a couple of times
when I had a cold as I knew the condition can be treated easily. As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t a good enough reason to spend a small fortune on a doctor visit.
If you are in a similar situation, fake doctor’s excuse documents will be extremely helpful. A phony medical paper of a high quality is the perfect excuse for missing work, but it might get you in trouble.

Be extremely careful and follow the tips from this article to prevent any problems.

As long as you remember to behave like sick people do and choose an excuse that will be believable, you shouldn’t have any problems. I strongly suggest watching some educational videos and reading stories from people who used these forged medical excuses before to make sure that your own act is perfect. No detail is too small when it comes to this kind of ‘play’ and with your job on the line, you really can’t be too careful. However, with an authentic-looking paper and some confidence on your side, you’ll be able to get through this challenge easily, and it’ll only get better the next time you try to use this excuse.

doctors excuse note

Its summer and you’ve worked hard all year; you deserve a day or two off. While you may merit a day off, you may not have the vacation time to take. So, the best thing to do is throw caution to the wind and take that well deserved day off anyway. You’re probably wondering how in the world you can do this without getting into mounds of trouble. The answer is a fake doctor’s note. Yes, ones of these things can give you the freedom to take the day off you so desperately need and you won’t get in trouble either!

Creating A Fake Doctor’s Note Is Easy

For those who think it isn’t that easy, think again. Fake doctor’s notes allow you to schedule your own days off when you need. Are your kids draining your personal days with their sickness and other issues? There are so many people who find themselves in this same boat and still need one more day. Rather than take the wrath of their bosses and jeopardize their jobs, they simply use  fake doctor’s notes. By going online, there are tons of templates to create that doctor’s note and it gives you that day off. These doctors excuses look so real you will have a hard time knowing they aren’t. The best way to fool a supervisor is to be one step ahead of them. Rather than having you do all the research, these templates do it for you.


How Does This Work?

There are numerous templates available. Whether you want a letter from a mental health profession, or you choose to have one from an urologist’s office, it makes no difference. These data bases have collected tons of real medical excuses from all over the country. After doing intense studying, they created a series that are eerily similar. These doctors excuses are so accurate they fool even the best trained eye. There are over 30 templates that any consumer has access too. Simply choose the one you want, edit it and then print. It’s that simply to have the excuse you need for a well-deserved day off (heck there is even a salon named after it)!

Will I Get Caught with the Phony Doctor’s Note?

Most employers don’t even question a doctor’s excuse. United States HIPAA laws limit what an employer can ask for, as far as personal records go. You are not required by law to tell your employer anything about your personal condition, and they are not allowed to ask. All you have to do is produce a fake letter from your doctor and you are good to go. Unless you have a record of being dishonest with the company, there is generally no reason why an employer would go snooping to see if your letter is fake. These doctor notes look so real, they won’t question their authenticity.

Fake Doctor’s Notes For More Than Work

While most people want an excuse for a day off work, there are other times that these fake notes might come in handy. Schools have become increasingly harsh about time off and attendance records. However, the one thing that trumps most handbooks is a doctor’s note. Well, by generating a note for the student, they can graduate or stay within the good graces of the school system without issue. What could be easier than going online, finding the letter you want and printing!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are tired of being bullied by a cruel attendance policy at work or school, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Stop letting people tell you when and if you can take a day off. By taking control of your own attendance through the use of fake doctor’s notes, your likely get pity from being sick rather than wrath for being absent.

Use a physician's note.
A dr. note works great.

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      Just had a colonosphy surgery for a forein object in rectum on04/28/16 need doc note for4/29/16 missed court

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        Stephanie rivera need to be excused for 9/3/16 -9/5/16 due to infection in left eye an pink eye.

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    Admitted to princess Alexandra hospital on Friday 15th may for stomach pains and abnormal bleeding following miscarriage was discharged on Saturday 16th May already has follow up appointment on Tuesday 19th may to resee the gynaecologist.

    Doctor name Dr Dabba surgery address warden lodge medical practice, Glen Luce, Cheshunt Herts EN8 9HT.


  4. Sabrina Sikder

    Email me at
    I need it say the following things;

    Patient’s name – Sabrina Sikder
    He/She will Return to work – 5/21/2015
    Illness or Injury – Whiplash

    Eastside Medical Center
    Dr.’s name ( )
    Snellville, Ga 30078
    Phone (770) 979- 0200

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    Seen on – 5/31/2015
    Patient’s name – Adrian Hummons
    He/She will Return to work – 6/1/2015
    Illness or Injury – Food poisoning and menstrual cramps

    Cincinnati Children’s Clinic
    Dr.’s name ( )
    Cincinnati, OH 45225
    Phone (513)541-4500

  7. John Roberts

    H pylori. Take medication as prescribed and get plenty of rest. Return to work on 6/2/2015..Florence SC 29506..843 770 2000 McLeod regional medical center 555 e chives st

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    Out of work on 6/8/2016 for tooth removal….com. bob lavely denistry 7300 new lagrange rd 5024136330 louisville,ky

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  11. Stacy Alford

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    Patient’s name – Amber Velasquez
    He/She will Return to work – 06/25/2015

    Please excuse from work for the following dates
    06/23/15 and 06/24/15

    St. Mary’s Medical Group
    Dr.’s name Lloyd McGinnis
    Rockport, IN 47635
    Phone (812) 649- 4313

    Please excuse from work for the following dates
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    Please excuse from work for the following dates
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    St. Mary’s Medical Group
    Dr.’s name Lloyd McGinnis
    Rockport, IN 47635
    Phone (812) 649- 4313

    Please excuse from work for the following dates
    06/23/15 and 06/24/15

  14. Amber

    Patient’s name – Amber Velasquez
    He/She will Return to work – 06/25/2015

    Please excuse from work for the following dates
    06/23/15 and 06/24/15

    St. Mary’s Medical Group
    Dr.’s name Lloyd McGinnis
    Rockport, IN 47635
    Phone (812) 649- 4313

    Please excuse from work for the following dates
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    Patient’s name – Monico Velasquez
    He/She will Return to work – 06/25/2015

    Please excuse from work for the following dates
    06/23/15 and 06/24/15

    St. Mary’s Medical Group
    Dr.’s name Lloyd McGinnis
    Rockport, IN 47635
    Phone (812) 649- 4313

    Please excuse from work for the following dates
    06/23/15 and 06/24/15

  16. Imari Cofield

    Need doctors excuse ASAP today.
    Has type 2 diabetes, was sick from 06/25/15-06/29/15
    Allow me to make up any work missed
    Doctors name: Yvette C. Johnson-Threat
    Care place name: Bon Secours Richmond community Hospital
    1500 N. 28th Street
    Richmond, VA 23223
    My email is

  17. Sylvia Zuniga

    Need note for July 1st, 2015. Went to see the dr for vomiting and nausea.
    Ragsvintage@hotmail. Com
    El Paso, Tx 915 area code

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    need a doctor to say your biopsies are back, and we need to see you in person to discuss your condition in detail,
    and your options. please make an appt. with our nurse asap.

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    Need a doctors note for June 29th, 2015 to July 2nd, 2015. For a stomach virus resulting in not being able to keep anything solid down, must drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

    Can you make it look like from VA in Las Vegas?

    Thank you TONS!!!!!

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    Injury: Cut left hand
    Date June 9, 2015
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    Maryland Urgent Care
    9821 Greenbelt Rd
    Lanham, MD
    (301) 277-3555

    Attending Doctor:
    Sarah Johnson

    Need by 07/08/2015 by 6:00p.m. EST

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    Severely dehydrated had iv fluids ran for 11 hours. First degree sunburn. To be kept hydrated and to have rest for the rest of the week. July 6, 2015

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    Need a sick note for campylobacter enteritis food poisoning, dates 15th July 2015- 20th July 2015. Need this Drs surgery address on: Iveson Approach, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, LS16 6FR. And put Dr Kirsten Manock name on it thanks.

  24. Erica

    To whom it may concern:
    Erica had surgery on 7/17/2015 with Dr Craig Mechelke Mesa ObGyn at Banner Baywood Hospital. Please excuse her from work for that day. She may return to work on 07/20/2015

    Please email to

  25. Nicole

    Has symptoms of heat exhaustion with vomiting and minor headache if symptoms persist seek medical attention and drink fluids

  26. Stephanie

    I need a doc note from 07-27-15 thru 07-29-15 saying i was not able to work due to stomach virus and high fever.

  27. Ashley

    He/she was seen 7/30/2015 for vomiting, dizziness and dehydration. He/she can return to work in 1 to 2 days.

  28. crystal guzman

    Came in on 7/21/2015 for a stomach pain. She had a stomach virus. Needs lots of fluids and plenty rest. Can return to work on 8/2/2015

  29. Santosh

    My name: Santosh Sharma
    Location: houston, texas

    I need a psychiatrist note or mental health note saying something like this:

    Santosh has been diagnosed with Post-stress traumatic disorder and depression. He came to me in October 2013 for psychotherapy. We have been using Cognitive behavioral therapy to treat his disorders and he has been making good progress as of August 2015…

  30. Kyra

    Kyra had surgery on 07/25/15 for her stomach. She will be able to go back to school on 08/05/15

  31. tasha greene

    went to the doctor note in lady lake, fl. for strep throat. can return to work on 8/19/15

  32. Hyemin kim

    She had food poisoning. missed school. please excuse August 17,18,19. 2015.

    Hyo-Joong Kim, M.D.F.A.C.E.P Laser Medical Center

    2136 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94115
    T: 415-928-7700
    F: 415-928-7753

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    I have scoliosis and I need a medical excuse for school for P.E because I am not allowed to run or do any aztivity that day. I need before Monday so I can give it to my teacher. Can I get excused for the rest of august 2015 and the whole month for September. I have kaiser permanent

  34. Taylor

    Need a Doctors note from a visit about a possible food illness/poisoning , but is free to return to work if feeling better the next day. Lots of fluids and rest. I’m in Austin TX. Name Taylor Cochran. Tuesday August 25th around 4:30 ish

  35. Kiana Daum

    Please excuse Kiana Daum from work for the week of 08/31/15-09/05/15 due to severe symptoms of the stomach flu and intestinal pains. She may return to work on 09/06/15.

  36. BeeBa

    I need a doctor note for my brother because he couldn’t go to work for 40 days. He was taking care of my grand father in the hospital.. also he will pay for the sick leave 100 Australian dollar but it should look extremely Authentic..
    my email:

  37. Juan Romo

    Juan Romo, came for his appointment for his kidney check up on the 9/11/15 and May return 9/12/15

    Thank you Alianza Medical Center

  38. Uriah

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  39. Lee

    Recently have been diagnosed with MS, employer has asked for a medical note stating i will be under Doctors care for this and i may be limited in my normal work duties,

  40. Cordell Birden

    Up all night throwing up and fever. Was seen ocT 2nd and to return to school 5th if fever gone a d no more vomiting. Make sure plenty of fluids, and if fever gets higher than 104 make sure to come right back in. Email is

  41. Nicole

    Nicole was seen on October 7th 2015 at mayo clinic in Owatonna. She is to take a precription and get it in her system before returning to work. If she does not black out on Thursday she may return to work on October 9th 2015.


  42. Tabitha

    Patient was seen in our practice on 10/9/15 may return to work on 10/13/15 or when fever free.

  43. Caden

    For Caden to take off Oct 8/2015 due to throat infection, to ensure time to heal.

    Ross Creek medical clinic, Dr. Kumari

  44. Tonoa

    Tonoa has stage one ankle sprain , I recommend she does physical therapy for 6 weeks to strength the ankle and also get ankle brace for support.

  45. Ryan

    Ryan has been experiencing flu like symptoms over the course of the weekend. He was unable to write his midterm, October 19 due to this illness
    Has to be based out of Ontario, Canada; preferably Ottawa or Hamilton


    Please excuse Lorie A Urbanek from work due to illness. She was evaluated at Sarasota Memorial Hospital on 10/23/2015. She is allowed to return to work on 10/25/2015 with no restrictions.

  47. Jenny

    Please excuse Jenny Lee from work on Saturday, October 24th, 2015.
    Doctor’s offoce visit time was 11:33 A.M. 10/24/2015.
    Patient has 103.4 degree fever, dizziness, sore throat, and severe migraine. Patient may return to work October 25th, 2015, if symptoms of fever and migraine is no longer present.
    **To prevent from Syncope (Fainting Episode), do not drive or operate machineries until your caregivers feel that is safe for you to do so.
    You were treated today by Glenn Ciolli MD


  48. Krystal Herrera Hutson

    Please help I need a doctors note saying I was absent from 27-29 oct 2015. I need it to be for seizure caused from stress.
    Please and thank you

  49. gabrielle

    name: gabrielle Caldwell
    location: Greensboro, north Carolina
    dates that I need a note for: 8/24/2015 ( dentist appointment, smile starters 900 Summit Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27405 Phone: 336-370-1112 Fax: 336-544-0739
    9/26/2015 ( went to e.r due to stomach pains and severe nausea, Wesley long hospital, 501 N Elam Ave, Greensboro, NC 27403
    Phone: (336) 832-1000
    9/30/2015 ( doctors check up, Regional Health Ctr, 1331 N Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401 (336) 275-2533)
    10/26/15 ( eye doctors appointment, battleground eye care 3132 Battleground Ave., Suite B
    Greensboro, NC 27408, Phone number:336-282-2273, Fax number:336-282-5325

    ******if you could please send these by today, that would be soooooooooo great because I really need them. thank you and my email address is :

  50. Anthony

    Excused from practice for heavy excessive running will need to wear brace until futher notice


  51. Victor batzin

    Doctors excuse for me my daughter saying that she was at the emergency room and was there all day along with it saying she had a fever and the discharge papers


    I need a doctors note for a broken leg excusing me from moving a lot from the 7th of October 2015 till the 7th of December 2015 based in Oman

  53. Jonathan King

    Please excuse Jonathan King on November 4th he brought his grandma to chemotherapy….. need a fake doctors, name Fake doctor’s phone number, fake hospital need asap thank you

  54. Haley Opilowsky

    Dr. note for stomach condition check due to stomach virus on 11/11/15

    Will return on 11/12/15

    Foothills Family Care, Dr. Rebecca Moran MD

    haley4evr@gmail. com

  55. Kendra

    Kendra has come in with a 103 fever, nausea, sore throat, and has been diagnosed with strep throat. Please excuse her for any physical activity at work, and school. She may return back to work/school on 11/16.

    Paul M. Angleton, MD
    Family Medicine

    1502 W Meyer Rd
    Wentzville, MO 63385


  56. GERRY

    Need dr note for school

    Patient: Calen Green
    Days missed – November 10 and 11, 2015
    Fever and vomiting
    Return to school on November 12, 2015

    We used teledoc vs going to the doc, and have no statement to excuse him

  57. William D. Smith

    William was seen at our clinic on 11/12/15, fever chills and flu like symptoms . May return to work 11/16/15

    Family medical clinic
    Buffalo mo 65622

    Kristina Kaufmann

  58. Denise Quirarte

    Patients name: Denise Quirarte
    Dates excused: November 23, 2015 and November 24, 2015
    Return to work/school: Novemeber 25, 2015
    Location: Sparks Medical Clinic; 5428 Ellsworth Road; Fort Smith, AR 72903
    Phone: (479)709-7440
    Doctor: Karen Shrewsbury Merle, MD

  59. petra

    Son had an appointment at 8:00am. He was throwing up. stomach flu. Needs plenty of fluids. Had a fever at 101.3 F. May return to school 11/24/2015
    Petra Laredo

    Dr. Carlos Miguel Sodi Duarte
    Ave. Obregón # 668,
    Ste. 1
    Nogales, Sonora,
    Mexico 84000

  60. tabitha

    my boss works me nonstop on 1st 2nd and 3rd shifts because he knows I am the only employee that will not turn down hours… three children to support. I didn’t have a babysitter last night and I couldn’t do another shift waiting tables with my three children sitting at the bar the way he would have me do! please, I need a hospital note saying my husband was in the hospital in the next few minutes. I cant go back without one and I have to leave in 45 minutes. help! email is

  61. Anthony wills

    Need a Doctors note from a visit about a possible food illness/poisoning , but is free to return to work if feeling better the next day. Lots of fluids and rest. I’m in Baytown,Tx. Name Anthony Wills. Thursday december 10 th around 3

    DR. Ganesh P. Gupta M.D.
    1610 James Bowie Dr. Ste A114 Baytown, TX 77520

  62. Dean

    Had a cold and fever starting on tuesday dec 8 and i’ve been sick until today, can go back to work tomorrow on wednesday. Take meds and rest, did not want to spread infection.


  63. haley

    Need a doctors note for my daughter who has a fever and strep throat and needs to be excused saying she can return to daycare on December 22nd

    My email

  64. nhyn

    need a doctors note or excuse letter for work for my hubby name is MARVIN ISIP for muscle tension and cannot lift any weight thats more than 15 lbs

    kindred hospital rancho cucamonga
    Address: 10841 White Oak Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
    Phone:(909) 581-6400

    pls email me back at

  65. Tashawna Smith

    Seen on – 1/1/2016 8:56 am
    Patient- Tashawna Smith
    Return to work/school- 1/2/2016

    Hospital note

  66. Shameka Hunter

    I need a note for work for taking my son patient Bobby Reaves Ii to the doctor at the emergency room for a stomach virus on Jan. 6, 2016 at 4:43 a.m. Discharged at 12:12 pm of the same day. May return to school on Jan. 08, 2016.
    Shameka Hunter

  67. Taylah

    Taylah Johnson,
    Townsville, Queensland, Australia
    *no dates* but has clearance to work

  68. Olympia Buttram

    I need a doctors note stating that i was sick or had Bronchitis. I was out of work on 1/8/16, and am due to return to work on 1/16/16.

  69. Stephie

    Stephanie Donohue
    Pregnancy blood test results (4 weeks along
    Dated the 12.1.2016
    I normally see a place at gap road and my Dr name is Dr aboud
    Sunbury, Victoria, Australia. Thanks!

  70. Gina kelly

    I need doctor note stating that my condition keeps me from working I have neuroapthy, and rheumatoid arthritis. Please excuse her from the work program. thanks I do not want to lose my stamps for Feb. My doctors name is James warren MD. Cardiovascular.

  71. Savannah

    Savannah Boies was seen in our office on 01/25/16 with Strep Throat. She is able to return to work on 01/27/16.

  72. Victoria Mendoza

    Victoria Mendoza was seen yesterday at her doctor’s office, 01/26/2016, for a follow up appointment. Please excuse her for missing school/work.

  73. Brianna Wilcox

    Brianna Wilcox
    Excused from work today February. 5th
    Stomach (gastrointestinal) problems
    Hampton, VA
    Emergency room or doctors office note

  74. Ivan martinez

    Ivan martinez visited the doctor on feb. 2 2016. And diagnosis him with strep throat .. i recomend him to take 1-2 days of work
    Las vegas, nevada

  75. William Jayson

    Wiliam Jayson visited our office on feb. 5 2016. and was diagnosed with a food poisioning. It is recommended for him to take 1-2 days off of work.
    Orlando Florida

  76. Raquel Brinskelle

    Need doctors note for ear infection in Gurnee Illinois for February 14th 2016 through February 15th 2016

  77. Uriel Marquez

    Need Doctor’s note excusing Me from work two days from dentist for having a root cannel done on my tooth for February 15 -16

  78. Alwinta Lake

    Need a doctors note for several acute bronchitis and medical complications with gastro sleeve surgery, inability to keep food down, fatigue, loss of hair. Was on bed rest from 12/28/2015-until further notice.

  79. Lucy Dellaquila

    Need Doctor’s note excusing Me from work for two days saying I was getting my wisdom teeth removed on Saturday 3/05/2016

  80. D.O

    I missed school today Fri, 02/26/2016 I need a note that state I had a cold and I shall be back on Mon, 02/29/2016

  81. Dadcheelo Ovinsky

    I need an excuse note that simply state I have missed school on Friday, Feb 26 2016, because of an appointment with a physician.

  82. Faiza Mohsin

    Hello, kindly provide me medical certificate and note my company name is proptiger and my illness is viral fever and severe back pain due to which I am unable to carry on the work from 19/2/2016 to 29 /2/2016. Kindly do this needful.

  83. Adnan Rampurwala

    Need a doctors note for flu to excuse me from working this week.
    doctors Address:
    Cloud Care Clinics
    55 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON M5B 1C6
    (416) 361-6000

  84. Edith Millender

    Need doctors note for stomach bug or illness . date for 3-3-16. My age is 37. I live in Duncanville Texas 75116 . so that I’ll be excused from work today.

  85. David Lovas

    Doctors note clearance to get back to work. PCS (post concussion syndrome) was on set by concussion that happened on January 23rd. Currently missed work since February 26th. want to be cleared to go back to work March 8th.

    Bellevue, WA

  86. Lena Choi

    I was late to school due to a doctors appointment checking out my chronic condition of nose bleeding (which is true by the way)

    Jenkinton, PA

    I need it by Sunday midnight. March 6th EST time!!
    Please I’m so desperate! Thank you so much!

    1. lashonda teague

      I need an excuse for the dates of 030816 til 031016. Retuturning to work on 031116. For vomiting and diarrhea and conjunctivitis. Oh i am in Nashville,TN.

  87. Willie Holloway

    I need a doctors note stating that I have pink eye and ear infection and need to be excused from work from 3/11/16- 3/14/16 returning to work 3/15/16 in Rochester NY

  88. Kasey bush

    Need a doctors not for 3-13-16 for work. Out sick with fever and stomach virus and can return to work on 3-14-16 with no limitations.

  89. Chantal Landreville

    Hi there,

    I need a doctor’s note saying I had to stay in the hospital for two days, Tuesday March 15, 2016 to Wednesday Mach 16, 2016 for medical reasons. The hospitals name is “Brockville General Hospital” and the address is 75 Charles Street, Brockville, Ontario K6V 1S8. If I could get it today that would be amazing!!!!!!!!

  90. Erica

    Hi ! I’d totally appreciate a note stating Erica Martinez out of work Thursday 0317 and Friday 0318 due to stomach virus.

    Physicians Premier
    4141 S Staples ste 106
    Corpus Christi TX 78411
    361 991-0911

  91. Cazmere Lowe

    Need a note for a stomach virus for the dates of 3/15/2016 and 3/16/2015.. My name is Cazmere Lowe.. From Middletown NY 10940

  92. Ashlee reed

    I need and excused absence from work for picking my child Iysis up from school for she had the chicken pox..
    Wilmington Delaware St.Francis hospital

  93. Ashlee Reed

    Need excused absence from work for my child Iysis had chicken pox
    Wilmington Delaware St.Francis family practice 3/22/16

  94. Matthew Tabibzadegan

    Pneumonia. Missed school on March 22nd. Appointment at 2:30. Houston Texas, Texas Children’s Hospital. Dr Boardman 8325663957

  95. Richard

    Doctors note for 3/28 for gastroenteritis.

    Mcallen Medical Center
    301 W Expressway 83
    Mcallen, TX 78503

    Dr. Michael R. Kilgore

  96. Jeremy Bradshaw

    Flu like symptoms and enflamed tonsils.
    Bed rest , plenty of fluids.
    Gwinnett Medical
    Howell Ferry , Rd
    Duluth, Ga
    Dr. Patel
    Seen on 3/29/16 return to work on4/4/16

  97. Kailey Noble

    Patient came in with sore throat, back pains, and congested sinuses on 3/30/16. Patient was given medicine and is not contagious and may return back to work on 3/31/16. (Hospital name: Wright Patterson Air Force Base)

  98. sarah vishaway

    need a dr. excuse for March 29, 2016 and a return to work on April 1, 2016
    Please and thank you
    Went to St. Vincents East
    Birmingham, Al.

  99. ingrid requeno

    Ingrid Requeno visited OB/GYN on 3/28/16 for excessive bleeding, was diagnosed with a miscarriage. Need to rest and may return to school/work on 4/1/16.
    Brooklyn, NY

  100. Cynthia Palacios

    Cynthia had fever , swelling in the throat , she had viral gastroenteritis advised to stay home for 2 days .May return to work/school on 04/2/16.

  101. Jonathan Hall

    Jonathan had fever , swelling in the throat , she had viral gastroenteritis advised to stay home for 2 days .May return to work/school on 04/7/16.

  102. James Howard

    Leo J Howard
    Doctors note for my son stating that my son had a fever and the flu .

  103. Brandi haggins

    Brandi m haggins
    Location: mayflower arkansas
    Doctor note stating that Brandi has the shingles and may return to work Monday 4/11/16

  104. Julianne Jones

    Stomach Flu like symptoms, doctor recommended rest

    Sebastian, FL

    April 8, 2016 to April 11, 2016. May return April 12, 2016

  105. Carry Lovato

    Carry Lovato visited OB/GYN on 4/07/16 for severe pelvic pain, nausea, vomiting & back pain, was diagnosed with a ruptured cyst. Needs time for recovery and rest and will be off for school for the rest of the week

  106. Anita Gunder

    Anita was seen 4/12/16 with a mid fever, swelling in the throat and viral gastroenteritis advised to stay home for 2 days. May return to work on 04/14/16.

  107. Harrison Andrade

    Harrison Andrade
    Location: Miami Fl
    Doctor note stating Harrison has a back problem and may not attend physical education. Harrison may return by 4/29

  108. Connor Park

    Please excuse Connors absences from work from 4/7-4/10. He visited our office on 4/7 and was given medication for the flu and he had a reaction which caused him to be admitted to the hospital on 4/9

  109. Vanessa bernal

    I need an excuse for my son Damen Miguel on 4/15/2016 for a checkup around 3:00pm from olol physician office Baton Rouge la to show proof that I took him to his docs appointment he’s not yet in school so it’s just for me to show proof at my work thank you.

    1. Vanessa bernal

      12525 Perkins Road
      Baton Rouge, LA 70810 Our lady of the lake children’s hospital from

  110. Racheal Easky

    I need a Dr note for today 4-15-2016 I called in sick and said U had been throwing up. I can not return to work till I get a Dr note I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma and would poo refer a note from the Indian Health Care.. I just need to be excused for the day of 4-15-2016… plzzz help

  111. ashley ramirez

    I need a doctors note for today 4/18/2016 for school. saying i had a physical check up. at texas tech 4800 Alberta Ave, El Paso, TX 79905

  112. Dyana Tucker

    I need a doctors note for goin to surgery with my farher i take care of. I just need it to say im excused for 4/17/2016 to Return to work 4/18/2016

  113. Amber

    I need a note for my daughter Kayla for her absence from school as she had food poisoning and intestinal pains on 3/21/2016-3/25/2016
    Tampa Florida Area

  114. Scott Lucas

    Scott Lucas need a doctors note for being excused from work on April 19th 2016 Due to a migraine. In Aurora CO 80011. Preferably CU University Hospital off of Colfax

  115. Joy robinson

    I need a note for my son Brian Robinson for school on Jan 15 2016 he was seen for fever and vomiting and on Feb 23 2016 he was seen for fever and sore throat at the Jacksonville urgent care in Jacksonville n.c. .thank you I need it by tomorrow please help

  116. Amirah Patterson

    I need a note explaining how I need to be excused from school during the time of May 12-14 2016 due to my concussion.

  117. Lidia Arriaga

    I need a doctors note stating that I (Lidia Arriaga) was seen for fever on the day of 4/22/16 and I can return back to school on 4/25/16. Houston, Tx. Harris county

  118. Anonymous

    Richard was seen in our office on 6/18/16, and was diagnosed with an ear infection. Please excuse from work until Weds 6/20/16. Richard can return to work Weds 6/20/16 with no restrictions.

  119. keenen h

    I need a note stating, Keenen missed work from 4-14 until 4-22 due to grieving/depression. He is able to return to work.

    I will pay for this if you can do it.

  120. LissaAnn Castro

    Doctors note for April 12th, 2016 for Palm Springs,Ca you can use Dr. Barlow for Ovarian Cyst . Should take two weeks off

  121. Darnell Thomas

    Hospital: memorial university medical center 4700 Waters avenue savannah ga 31404
    Reason: Car wreck on April 23,2016 may return back to work on April 24, 2016

  122. Stephanie

    My name is Stephanie Troutman, I live in Louisville KY, 40212. UofL hospital would be the hospital.
    I need a doc excuse for 4/24/16, Stomach Flu. I need it today before my 3 o’clock shift.


    . I live in Arkadelphia, Ar, 71923. I need a note for Henderson State University for strep throat for 4/11/16 through 4/15/16. I need it by tomorrow at 12:00. Dr. Janelle Floyd at CHI St Vincent Pediatric Clinic would be the doctor. 225 McCauley Ct, Hot Springs, AR is the address. 501-321-2546 is the number.

  124. Diana Cruz Borromeo

    my grandmother is very sick in the Philippines, need to go back to Philippines and see her in the hospital for two weeks on end of the may 2016. need a doctor note to leave from my work

  125. Jarvis Little

    Need an excuse for sitting in the hospital with my granddad for 4-27-16 dr john wilson would be the doctor and baptist medical south would be the hospital adress is east south boulevard 2105 montgomery alabama 36116

  126. Callum Gillard

    I need an excuse for having a sprained ankle I went to the doctors at 11am doctor name Dr Steven Swoffer my name is Callum Gillard

  127. Alexis Te

    Baylor medical center
    4343 N Josey Ln
    Carrollton, TX 75010-4603
    United States

    -need doctors note for food poisoning on April 29th 2016

  128. Marisa Edin-Nelson

    BWH Emergency
    75 francis st
    Boston Ma 02115-6110

    Kriti Bhatia, MD and Raghu R Seethala, MD

    I need a doctors note for a cyst that I had saying i will not be able to be at work Saturday 4/30/16 and Sunday 5/1/16

  129. Nicole

    Need a note for today 5/2/16 excusing me from work. for pain in hands. Carpal tunnel.

  130. Aqusa khan

    Hi I need a doctors note for work that I had food poisoning and my little cuzen Abiyaan did as well

  131. Kaitlin

    I will lose my job tomorrow unless I have a doctors note stating that I have strep and need to be out of work until the antibiotics have set in…. I need this job.

  132. Anonymous

    Doctors appt for the flu at 4pm
    Return to school next day if feeling better





  135. Shelby

    Excuse from work on 5/11/16 – 5/12/16
    Patient – Shelby Carman
    Illness – stomach virus
    Dr visit date – 5/12/16
    Dr visit location – Sarasota Memorial Hospital ER Fast Track Department, Sarasota Florida

  136. Shabree Mortensen

    Need a doctor note excusing me for 5/2/2016-5/7/2016 name Shabree Mortensen

  137. jay

    Need a doctors note, missed work on 05/14/2016 Food poisoning
    Name: Jonathan Sengsouvang
    Vallejo, CA
    Baldini David M MD

    1. Kim mcquillen

      Need an excused absence from work due to family member being in the hospital date 5/15/16 name: kimberly mcquillen lakeland florida
      David grana M MD

  138. Jaimie Richardson

    Need doctors Note,Missed work on 5/17/2016 due stomach pain
    name: Jaimie Ann Richardson
    Lakeland Fl
    Zaw Myint MD

  139. keysen Volquez

    need a doctors note for work today. i go back to work tomorrow.
    stating that I had food poisoning/stomach virus from 5-12-16 to 5-17-16
    some where in las vegas , Nevada

  140. Tiffany Rahnama

    I need a note excusing me for a sprained ankle from Sunday, May 15 2016 to Wednesday May 18 2016. Preferably I would like the note to be from Nova Medical Group Urgent Care in Sterling, VA. Email is

  141. Ashley Desch

    I need an excuse for work saying that I went to visit my grandma in the hospital on 5/19/16. Good Smaritan hospital in Vincennes, Indiana.

  142. Megan

    Food poisoning/stomach virus from 5/19/16.
    Recommend returning to work Monday 5/23
    Prohealth physicians in CT

  143. Cres Paul

    Name:Cres Paul
    Doctor note for school

    I need a Eye doctor note
    I need it asap which is today 5/20th/2016

  144. Tierra Nowlin

    Need a doctors excuse of lumbar back pain. And not being able to lift more than 20lbs for about a week. Excuse for Erion Black 5/16-5/20

  145. Austin Bright

    Need a work exude note for esophageal tear was seen on Wednesday may 18th and released Friday may 20th 2016. Will return to work Monday the 23rd. St. Alphonsus medical group 1512 12th ave Nampa, Idaho.

  146. Kisha Whipset

    I need an excuse for 5/20 for planned parenthood Orlando seen at 1:20pm. Need 1-2 days rest. Please and thank you

  147. Kayla Brown

    Need an excuse for 5-22-16 for having the stomach bug. Location Mocksville NC

  148. Carissa The

    I need a doctor’s note stating that I was diagnosed with a severe case of anemia on May 20th 2016 for St Luke’s Hospital, San Francisco, CA; along with an iron prescription, and a good 1-2 days of rest.

    Patient name: Carissa The

    Thank you.

  149. James Jeong

    I need a doctor’s note saying that I had a concussion from playing rugby on April 27th 2016 for Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC, Canada.

    Patient Name : Jae Yun Jeong

    Thank you.

  150. Vuso Mkandawire

    I need a concussion doctors notes saying I was out 5/3-5/20

    Vuso Mkandawire


    Henrico, Va 23229

  151. daniel netter

    i forgot to get my doctors note for school and i need this before tomorrow if possible info is

    george washington university hosspital 900 23rd st NW washington dc 20037-2377

    doctors name: sally baily (703.558.6040)

    patient: daniel netter

    reason: coughing up blood

  152. christopher wright

    I am have pack pain I know I have I pinched nerve. I called in because it is bad today. 5/26/16 the pain is in my right leg and knee. knee mostly.

  153. Gina torres

    I need a note saying that I’m at the hospital for my asthma May 29,2016 will return the next day May 30,2016

  154. Desire A.Lujan

    Hi I need my note to say that Desiree A. Lujan may return to p.e from her injury as of 5-31-16 , but that I have restrictions on running until further notice due to right leg where injury occurred being weak and unstable. Also I need this note for school by tomorrow , o I would highly appreciate it if you could help me right away.

  155. Desire A. Lujan

    Hi I need my note my tomorrow. Also I would highly appreciate it if you could include that Desiree A. Lujan may return to physical activity as of 5-31-16, but with restrictions on running until further notice due to the injury the right leg sustained causing that leg to become weak and in an unstable condition. I would also appreciate it if you could include the doctors name as Oscar Devara and the address and name of the clinic as Crown City Medical Group in South El Monte, and the address is 3208 Santa Anita Ave #200, South El Monte, CA 91733 and the phone number is 626 454 1990 if their are any questions or concerns.

  156. L Chisholm

    LaNiesha Chisholm was in our doctor’s office on 6-2-2016 with a light case of food poisoning and can return to work on 6-3-2016. Harrisburg, PA

  157. Tasha gomez

    I need a note for Tomorrow morning for Taking My son yo the ER high fever , 06-01-2016

    fast med urgent care
    4415 school house commons, Harrisburg, nc 28075


    My sons name is De’Angelo gomez and mine is tasha gomez

  158. Tia Huggins ...

    Need a note for Caleb Huggins on may 2nd 2016 togive to my job i forgot to get one when he fractured his arm …… Need ut emailed asap so i can work today

  159. Chanell Meyer

    Need a doctor’s note for bad flu. Doctor seen on 07 June 2016 and booked off for the rest of the week. Must be a doctor in Boksburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.. you can email it to .. thanks

  160. matthew watson

    Matthew Watson Murfreesboro TN, needed for a bad flu, seen dr on june 7th 2016, can return to work tomorrow the 8th

  161. James belcher

    James Belcher, needs to be on lite duties for the 4 weeks can return to work Tuesday June 14th was seen may 31st. Dislocated shoulder I’ve had previous injuries in shoulder

  162. Khalin McGriff

    I need a doctors note stating I had severe pains in my stomach on June 12, 2016 I was seen at a Las Vegas hospital Moutain View Hospital. Need tomorrow June 13, 2016 ASAP Please!!!

  163. Lindiwe Mbhense

    Need a doctors note stating that I was diagnosed with severe flue and stomachr cramps and have to be out from the 27th June 2016 to the 5th June as I was admitted and under supervision at Mahatma Ghandi memorial hospital

  164. Matthew Wise

    Need a note from a Indianapolis, IN doc office sayin I am needing time off work due to a diagnosis for treatments.
    Starting date 6/27/2016

    Need asap!

  165. Nadja

    Need one for Nadja for stomach virus. On 6/25/16. Southaven, MS. Can come back to work after the 26th of June.

    1. Bridget

      Need a note from a Houston,TX clinic for Bridget for stomach and head pain. On 6/27/16. Houston,TX. Can come back to work after the 26th of June.

  166. MiKayla Abshire

    hi my boss said I either bring in a dr note or I get fired but I just had a migraine. on date 7/5/2016

    note just needs to say I was running 102 fever and is allowed to work within 48 hours after my medication is complete

    doctor information
    dr. adnan trubilsi, MD
    11450 space center blvd #100 Pasadena texas 77505

  167. tasha greene

    tasha greene. has the stomach flu. did not go to work on july 6,2016. lives in leesburg, fl

  168. Silvia

    I need a doctor note asap my name is silvia santana im from california LA i need a doctor note saying i was hospitalized from june 22- july 12 plz

  169. kelci hill

    Kelci Hill
    Doctor note for school saying i was visiting grandma
    Address: 86 Jonathan Lucas St, Charleston, SC 29425
    Phone:(843) 792-0700
    July 28th 2016

  170. Desseray Rodriguez

    I need a doctors note from a clinic in Cleburne, Tx stating I was seen on 7/18/16 for the stomach virus.

  171. Amadeo Juarez

    I need a doctors note saying that I was treated for GERD/ trouble swallowing on 07/19/2016 at a known clinic in San Antonio, TX. Thanks!

  172. Paige Stone

    I need a doctors note being excused from work on 06/20/16 for Paige Stone
    due to my son Jayden Stone (double ear infection and fever)
    Mana Pediatric Clinic
    1188 N Salem Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72704
    (479) 442-0006

  173. CC

    need doctors note for swollen pinky hurt by dropping something on it for 7/22-7/25

    asap need it by monday. i have a name of dr and etc. area is huntington park ca

  174. Desirea Giddens

    Excuse Desirea Giddens from work on 7/24/2016 for food poisoning.

    Dr.Gretchen Jones
    830 Kempsville Rd
    Norfolk Va 23502

  175. Desirea Giddens

    Excuse Desirea Giddens from work on 7/24/2016 for food poisoning.

    Sentara Leigh Hospital
    Dr.Gretchen Jones
    830 Kempsville Rd
    Norfolk Va 23502

  176. Kim childress

    Kimberly childress I need to be excused from 7/22/2016to 7/24/2016 note needs to be somewhere close to Birmingham alabama

  177. jose Diaz

    My name is Jose Diaz, from chico California, I have really bad allergies, I need to be excuse 07/27/2016

  178. David foster

    Need a doctors not for Tuesday August 2nd my brother had welders flash had to drive him to hospital in Orangeville on time frame 12-5

  179. Ruby Camarato

    Need a doctors note for flu from a doctors office in Winter Haven Florida for 8-5-2016

  180. shaqueen

    I need one for these days for asthma treatments. 01-08-16

  181. Amy Messick

    I need a doctors note stating that i was sick in the hospital with a stomach virus on 8/06/16 from a hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas.
    2606 hospital blvd Corpus Christi, to 78405. Would need it by tomorrow! Thank you!

  182. Krystal Holt

    Need a Dr note to excuse from work due to leg injury from vehicle till Saturday August 14, 2016!!! Please ty and I live in Horseshoe Bay,TX

  183. Ashley Ilene Fagan

    Ashley I Fagan visited our office 8/13/16 at 4:30pm for stomache illness. She can return to work 8/15/16

  184. Hiliary belvin

    Can I get a doctors note saying that I can go back to work on Monday august 15th please and thank you

  185. Nateisha Jones

    Need a doctors note to excuse me from work 8/13/2016 and return 8/15/2016 dad was in the hospital having seizures I live in Macon,Georgia

  186. Henna Raza

    i need a doctors note for a ripped back gum seen doctor on the 14-08-2016 at the russels hall walk in centre i live in dudley

  187. Tonia jones

    Need a doctors note for 8/16/16 stating I was at st barnabas hospital in west orange due to a stomach virus.

  188. samantha graham

    i got in a car accident and hurt my ankle need a note for work for the 08/10-08/13 stating i was at johnson city medical center in TN

  189. samantha graham

    i need a note for work asap i was in a car accident and hurt my ankle and im really sore. i need it for 08/10-08/13 for the johnson city medical center in TN please!!

  190. Catharine Shauger

    I need a Drs note for work from 8/21/16 to 9/4/16 due to sprained wrist at 281 Lincoln st worcester ma, 01605

  191. Christina Castillo

    Christina Castillo
    Baptist Health System
    8811 Village Drive
    San Antonio Texas 78238

    Sinus Infection
    Out of work 8/18/2016-8/19/2016

    To return to work 8/20/2016

  192. Amber Anglea

    I need a Hospital Excuse for missing court on 8-18-16, I had called in and told them I was in Hospital could not make court on the morning of they told me it better be serious and they needed a note in order for me to not get a FTA, So Im desperate!!!! I had just miscarried a few weeks before so I told them I went to hospital believing to be miscarring. Hospital Name is TRISTAR SUMMIT MEDICAL CENTER 5655 Frist Blvd Hermitage, TN.37076 # is 615-316-3000. Say I went in early morning/ middle of night on 8-17-16 or 8-18-16, stayed for a day excused for 3-4 days from work or any activity & or driving..

  193. Fatima

    I need a doctors note. Excusing me from work for food poisoning. 8/27/16 – 8/29/16. In Anaheim, CA area

  194. Shavonne Jordan

    Need a doctors note stating that I have been on bed rest since last Tuesday Sept 6, 2016 due to threatning miscarriage. Will be on bed rest until I deliver. Need ASAP Doctors name is Dr.Baker from Savannah Perinatology.

  195. Manny Valenzuela

    Need a note saying that I took my mother to the hospital because she was experiencing severe pains in her lower abdomen. I need to be excused from work from 9/14 through 9/19 because my mother doesn’t have anyone else that can watch her. Note needs to be from mercy Gilbert medical center and Dr. Rosalyn Baxter-Jones, MD
    Obstetrics & Gynecology

  196. Eileen

    I need a note that I have strep throat and am contagious for the next 24 hours. St. Luke’s Hospital, the woodlands TX.

    Date seen – 09/15/16 – Can return to work after 9/16/2016

  197. Zachary Brooks

    I need a note excusing me from school for cold/flu seen on 9/16/2016 can return to school after 9/18/16
    Urgent care in dallas texas

  198. Avinash

    I need a doctor note stating that i am ill on 16 september 16.having fever and have to take bed rest.

    Adress -Badarpur,newdelhi

  199. Stefan Cupac

    I need a doctors note saying that I have had the stomach flu, from 09-13/9-15 and that i am to go back to work on wensday 09-21-2016

    Stefan cupac

  200. Mariah Ortiz

    I need a doctors note saying I got the flu, from 09/13- 09/15 and needed to be on best rest for those days. The note has to have that its in fresno, CA.

  201. Thomas N Lathe


    I need a drs note for September 20th saying I have diarrhea and dehydration. It needs to be from Kaiser permanente and Baltimore MD

  202. Katherine Alley

    I had the stomach flu on Sept 11, 2016 and called out of work that day. I need to bring in a Dr’s note excusing me from it by next week. Especially since the week of 9-16-16 I had to call out again for a family emergency. I need a Dr’s note for September 11, 2016

  203. Ivonne Contreras

    Need a doctors note stating i was seen September 26,2016 at 8 in the morning for ultrasound and testing

  204. Dakota Daniel

    Called out Wednesday 09/28/16 Truly had to take cat to Vet because her eye was swollen, But told work I actually went to emergency room. Any help? They’re causing a big deal about 1 Day!

  205. Taylor Nutt

    Hi, so please don’t judge but I need to get out of this and quick. Need ASAP please, please, please. I also need this to look at real as possible. Admitted into the ER for a dangerous reaction to Zoloft (just making it easier for me since I actually do take zoloft) had to stay in the ER for two nights. Was admitted on the 11th of October at 11:30
    College Station, Tx
    The Baylor Scott & White Hospital
    October 11-13, 2016

  206. Jacob Dehesa

    Need a doctor’s note saying I had an appointment at 8:15 am on Tuesday October 18. I just had a minor infection and was prescribed antibiotics

    Doctor John Meyer.

    303 N Keene St #404, Columbia, MO 65201

  207. Demetrica Smith

    I need a doctor’s excuse for 10/19/2016, 10/22/2016 and 10/24/2016 for work.

    Dr. Tayyan
    Interventional Cardiovascular Consultants

    I was under his care due to medical issues with my heart and was required to be on bed rest and may return to work on 10/25/2016.

  208. Eryn Mathews

    I need a doctors note that states I went to the hospital after a car accident on 10/29/16 for work.
    Dr. Lisa Fulgenzi
    Berkley primary care
    Under her care was instructed to be on bed rest 10/29/16-11/02/16

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