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Using a Fake Doctor’s Note

Need a fake doctors note? I have a story for you…

Being a student is not easy, you have to pay for petrol if you have a car or pay for bus tickets every day. In addition, you earn whatever your parents decide is fair and if you are lucky you get a job in a fast food restaurant and you will safe that money to go out with your friend on the weekend. Once you start earning your own money, you realize how much effort you put on earning each dollar and so unnecessary expenses are avoided. I disagree with the fact that in this country concession cards are only for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Another thing if you have vaginal odor.  Have you ever heard of boric acid suppositories? You might want to check out

Students were granted concession cards before, but since people were still asking for concession cards four years after they graduated, the transport system decided to charge full rate to all students. As a result, many students have stopped using buses and either ride their bike or make groups and share the petrol of one car.

As for me I don’t have a choice, I live 40 minutes outside the city and I don’t have a car because I am saving to buy a dog. Once I knew about the fact that students were going to be charged full rate, I got very angry and at first I was stealing the bus ticket from the rubbish bin and using them. It worked fine for a while but then people seemed to keep their bus tickets and some days I couldn’t find any ticket for that particular day. Then I tried buying the ticket but I got on the tram without validating the ticket on the machine, once I saw an inspector getting on, I ran to the machine to validate the ticket, but otherwise the ride was for free.

In the end I started reading about concession cards and found out that one of the reasons why you get a concession card is because you are diagnosed with a mental disorder such as bipolar disorder. In order to apply you needed to fill in the form and attach a medical form stating your condition and upload this form every 2 months to inform about any recovery you’ve had. Two weeks later I got my concession card in my mailbox and no one has asked further about my condition or the fake doctors notes I have been attaching to my forms so far.

Yes, it actually works! At first, I was uncertain of its efficiency. Like who would be fooled by a little piece of paper? Eventually, I finally made up my mind and searched for free printable doctors notes. I was in disbelief of the thousands of sources that popped-up in my computer. It’s incredible, I never thought that it would be that much easy. After choosing the note which will fit my situation, I immediately purchased it for about 20 dollars and the next thing I know, I was having the time of my life. To read more go to our doctor’s note page.

Great Tricks for Handing in a Doctors Note Template

fake doctors note templates for work or schoolEver wish that you could get 24 hours of freedom from work or school? A fake doctors note template can be just what the doctor ordered. Faking an illness is a time honored tradition among students and employees. The best way to go about this is to use fake doctor’s note templates. Here are some great tips on handing in one of these babies.

Here is a closeup of the fake doctors note.

Start Off By Choosing a Purpose for Your Fake Doctors Note Template

Feigning an illness is something that can be easy to catch on to. People are suspicious by nature, so it pays to plan in advance and be organized. The illness that is being faked should be one that is commonly known such as strep throat, stomach virus, or kidney infection. A fake doctor note can save your life.

Look through the Available Fake Doctors Note Templates

There are many excuse templates to look through. It is important for individuals to decide on one based on the type of sickness, illness or injury that they want to fake. For example, people can select a family physician one to fake strep throat. This would be a believable way to try to hand in a fake doctors note that looks legitimate.


Use Medical Terminology

One trick is to use medical terminology to make the content look and sound like it was written by a real doctor. People should try to keep the content concise so that there is brief information so that no one can question that authenticity. The top of the note should contain a name such as Dr. Smith. The contact information should also be supplied as this is standard in the forms that physicians issue for their patients.

Have a Good Back Story on Your Form

Back stories are important to having a relevant faked illness. People should try to feign their symptoms a few days before ever calling in sick to work or school. People who are fine one day and then fall ill suddenly often raise red flags with administrative staff members.

Print Out a Rough Draft of Your Form

Rough drafts are the best trick to seeing if your doctor’s note looks real enough. People should read what they have written a few times aloud to themselves. This helps to make the dr excuse note more convincing. Editing the final product is the best way for people to ensure that they will get the days off without getting into trouble. People often need a free day or two so that they can relax and catch up on their own “me time” (its important, you know). The doctor’s note templates are top notch and can give people what they need.

Free Doctor Note & Excuse Templates

Common Questions on Doctor’s Notes

Can you get a doctor’s note without seeing a doctor?

This is a good question. Usually it requires a doctor’s office visit to get a real note.  This can be very expensive and can take up a lot of time.  One option is to get a medical note by visiting a virtual doctor. Sadly, these services do not hand out notes very easily, as the doctor would be fully responsible and it is difficult without seeing the patient.

So your best bet is to get a doctor’s note from an online provider. Never use a free source as these are used by many people and many bosses and professors have seen these.  They are very aware of what they look like.  These notes also do not look real at all because they often lack crucial elements that are seen in doctor’s excuses.

I need a free fill in the blank doctor’s note. Where can I find one?

As stated above, its not wise to use any notes that are free.  However, if you want the ability to customize the note,  then a premium doctor’s note can do this.  Be sure that you go to a great provider like   The very best notes are editable on Microsoft word.

Where can I get a free printable doctor’s excuse for work?

This is a very bad idea. Please see the above answers to learn more about this.

Is using a doctor’s note for work against the law?

This is an interesting question.   If you use a doctor’s note and fill in fictional information, it might not be illegal.  However, if you  fill in a real doctor’s personal information, it is likely considered fraud. So please, be careful and consider talking to an attorney first.

I need a Minute Clinic  / Kaiser Permanenete / Patient First doctor’s note. Where can I get one?

The best method would be go to one of these providers and ask them for one.  However, if you cannot do this, then its best to go to a premium doctor’s note provider, buy the notes, and then put these logos on top.   Please be aware, however, that mimicking these real life institutions can be illegal (see above answer).  So only do this if you’re tricking friends or family.

Free printable doctor’s note for work.  Is this possible?

As mentioned earlier in this article, its not advisable that you use a free note.  This is because many notes that are free are used by many people. Bosses and professors have seen these notes numerous times, and can almost always conclude that they are faked.  SO please, do not risk it.

Is it really possible to craft a DIY doctor’s note?

A lot of people want to make their own doctor’s note.  This is a creative and ambitious endeavor.  It can be done, but its best to have a real note or a note from a premium provider before you do this. That way you can model your note after the note that you’ve acquired.   Remember that your note should include things like a logo, signature, watermark, and perhaps a stamp.  All of these elements are not required, and many doctor’s do not use them, but it can add to the realism of the note and can make it much more convincing.  So give it a shot.

How to get a doctor’s note without insurance?

If you want to get a doctor’s note without insurance, than the best way to do it is either use a fake doctor’s note purchased (not found) online, or consult with a real online doctor.  You can also visit a doctor’s office, but the fees can be quite expensive.

How to get a doctor’s note for work?

To get a note for work, you just have to go to a premium provider and take a look around.  There are very few quality providers. is one of them.  Once you find a provider, purchase and download their product.  Find the note that best suites you, edit  it on your computer, and submit it via email , fax, or in person.   Never use a free note and always submit your note with confidence.  Make the medical restrictions very vague, as a real note will seldom say much about the ailment/reason for being seen.

I need a real doctor’s note for school. Where can I get one?

If you want to get a real doctor’s note, then your best bet is to go to a doctor’s office.  Upon arrival, fake a fictional illness like a stomach bug —  as its something that is rather hard to prove.  Tell him/her that you have taken some days off and you need to return to work.

If this technique does not work, then another option is to go to an online doctor and try to get them to provide you with a document.  However, the online doctor’s can be quite difficult to get notes from… but its worth trying out.

Your last option is to just get a fake note. If you choose the right provider, you will find that they look no different than regular notes.  The site’s notes were actually tested against real notes and people actually found them to look more real than real notes.

How to make a fake medical certificate online?

There are some services online that let you edit the document before downloading.  However, after you’ve filled out all the information, they often  ask you for payment.  This is fair, but these sites are usually just one tier above the free template sites.  In my opinion, they are very risky to use as many people are using these.

The best doctor’s notes are downloadable Microsoft word documents that you have full control over.  You need a desktop computer to edit the document, but can tailor the document exactly to your needs to make an incredibly convincing excuse form.

Is it true that there is such things as a “verifiable doctor’s note”?

Yes. Some Sites lie provide a service where you can get your own phone number that allows an answering service that sounds like a real medical office.  There are also services that you can find online that you can hire to do this for you.  However, please be careful with this.

Do I need doctor’s note PDF for the best results?

PDF documents are quite slick, however, the best doctor’s notes are in MS Word format.  PDF documents can be quite visually appealing, however, they are limited in their editability.  The very best doctor excuses are fully editable within microsoft word.

Do most people use doctor’s notes for missing work?

According to a survey at, the answer is yes. Most people miss some days of work and then need to return to work with a note.  The second most common reason for a note is after missing a few days of school.   Usually people do not need a note when they are preparing to miss days.  Its usually after the days are already missed.

I need a fake doctor’s note generator. Where can I find one?

I really cannot help you with this. Some people think there is a magical generator that allows you to enter information and a note is produced.  Honestly, I would be very careful with such things.  Something like this is usually found on a free site, and these sites are use by many people and have a lot of risk.  The very best doctor’s notes cost a small fee and are downloaded and edited with Microsoft word.

(PS – you might want to read this doctor’s note article. )

My friend used several free printable fake doctor’s notes over the course of the year. He was caught.  Do you know why?

it is likely because he was using a free document.  AS mentioned earlier this has been a cause for many people getting into trouble. I do not recommend using the free notes at all.  It just has too much risk involved.

Can I download  a free fake doctor’s note template and then fill in the blanks?

Yes. You can do this easily. There are many free sites online that allow you to download, edit and print out a note. However, these free sites are not to be trusted and their products are commonly seen by professors and teachers.

If you really want a great document, then its best you go to a premium provider.

Easy Tips for Using Fake Dr Excuse Notes without Getting Caught

There are a variety of fake doctor’s excuse notes available today, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting some free time off work or school, right?
Successful team of doctors, female with the clipboard

Yes, it’s true that a fake note from a doctor, hospital letter, or some other medical document can get you the free time you need, but using this method to get out of work or class can be risky. This article will help you minimize these risks and make sure you don’t get caught with a fake doctor’s note.
Here are the basic rules of using a fake doctor note or hospital letter:

• Use the names of realistic sounding doctors.
Even though your note/letter is fake, the name of the doctor must sund real because your boss can verify it. The privacy laws protect you, so employers and teachers can’t just call the doctor’s office to ask whether you’ve really visited on the day the note was issued. Proper preparation is the key to using fake doctor’s notes without getting caught. Remember that you need to choose the name of a doctor who specializes in conditions you chose as your excuse. It would be really sad to get in trouble just because your ‘dental emergency’ excuse note bears the name of the local eye doctor.

• Choose a viable excuse.
It would look very suspicious if you submit a fake doctor’s note from a cardiologist with no prior history of heart conditions. Think carefully when choosing the best excuse for you. I suggest doing some reading as there are plenty of statistical reports and helpful articles online. You can find the list of the best fake doctors excuses for work or school, but don’t forget that the excuse must fit you personally.


• Get someone else to fill out the fake doctor’s note template by hand.
Despite the fact that the vast majority of doctors use blank printable medical note and letter templates they find online and all their paperwork is done electronically, some of the notes have the spaces that must be filled out by hand. If your fake template is like this, you will need to get someone else to fill it out for you. In case you want to keep this whole adventure a secret, train writing in a different handwriting before you start customizing your fake doctor’s excuse note template. Don’t just hope that your boss is inattentive enough to miss the resemblance of handwriting as our minds react to such details on a subconscious level. Therefore, if you don’t want to get caught, you need to be 100% sure that your fake doctor excuse note is absolutely perfect.
Note that this rule is especially important for fake doctor’s excuses for school as teachers pay a great deal of attention to handwriting.

How to Choose an Online Fake Doctor’s Notes Service

Use a dr. note
A doctor’s note is a great tool.

One thing you learn fast when looking for any kind of product online is that finding the best items can be a bit tricky. It’s even harder with fake doctor’s excuse notes as they must be perfect. In order to buy the highest quality fake note or letter from a doctor to excuse your absence from work/school, you need to find a company you can trust. This kind of business should possess the following features:

• Free samples.
How will you know whether the fake doctor’s notes you are about to buy are good if you don’t check them first?
An online company that doesn’t offer free samples cannot be trusted. When a firm has nothing to hide, it won’t have any problem with providing a few free fake doctors notes templates for you to study so that you can assess their quality.

• Free verification service.
In the vast majority of cases, you won’t need to use this service because a good fake doctor’s note or letter looks real enough so that your boss won’t question it. However, the free verification service provides you with a safety net to rely on in case your employer decides to verify the information of the note. If this happens, he/she will hear a pre-recorded answer when calling the phone number on the fake note and will get the verification that this doctor’s office truly exists. Employers aren’t allowed to ask any questions regarding your actual presence in the office, so this verification is enough to dispel any doubts. Note that this service must be provided free of charge if you buy the best fake doctor’s note excuse note templates.

• Free consultation/instructions.
Customizing the fake doctor’s note template can be tricky if you have no experience, so a reliable online company will provide you with free instructions. It also should offer a free consultation you can use in case you encounter some problems when personalizing the medical template you downloaded.

• Instant delivery.
The best online companies allow you to download fake doctor’s notes right from their websites or email them to you instantly. This is a mark of professionalism and will definitely come in handy if you need your medical excuse ASAP.

• Reasonable price.
Do some online market research to determine the average cost of fake doctor’s excuse notes. Look for online companies that offer reasonable prices. Remember that the cheapest and free products can be of low quality and the most expensive are usually overpriced.

• Excellent reputation.
Look through online forums to check out testimonials about different fake doctor’s notes services. There are hundreds of people who use these excuses and share their experiences. Reading them will help you find the fake doctor’s excuse notes service with the best reputation.

Free Fake Doctor Notes: Not a Good Idea

Everyone loves free goods, but unfortunately, a free deal is not always the best. It definitely isn’t when it comes to buying doctor’s and hospital excuse notes online. No authentic looking fake is free because making this type of medical document requires a lot of effort.
However, you shouldn’t worry about not being able to afford a fake medical excuse as reliable online companies offer them at very low prices. Therefore, even students can buy and use phony papers for pranking.

Extra Tips for How to Make a Fake Doctor’s Note Work

Even the best fake doctor’s note that looks 100% authentic can fail you if you forget about the most important thing, your acting. Remember how you feel when you are really sick. Do you act chipper and energized when you return to work?

It might be very hard to contain your positive energy when you get back to the office after taking some free time off and resting properly. However, it’s imperative to act the way that will make people believe you were ill. From my experience, I can offer the following tips:

• Research top excuses for missing work.
You’ll need to do this to pick a believable medical excuse for your absence.

• Research the condition.
There are plenty of medical articles online that detail symptoms and treatment of almost every disease known to man, and this information is available for free. You should learn everything about the condition you fake so that you know how to behave believably.

Practice in front of the mirror.
This may sound silly to you, but practice makes perfect. If acting isn’t your strong suit, you should spend some time in front of the mirror working on your expressions.

Should You Chance Making a Fake Doctor’s Note Yourself?

No, you really shouldn’t do this if you aren’t a professional who forges doctor letters for a living. This will save you a little bit of money, but expose you to a great risk of losing your job. In this case, buying high-quality medical papers is indeed a worthy investment.

Even experts are having a hard time to perfect a convincing fake note. So making one for yourself is not advisable. Doing so just might cost you more than a few dollars, including the possibility of getting fired or even worse, ending up in jail. Fooling your boss with a fake note requires more effort and thinking or else, you’re only making a fool out of YOURSELF. 2

I understand that our healthcare system isn’t the best at the moment, so many people are forced to use fake doctor’s notes even if they have real excuses. Personally, I did this a couple of times
when I had a cold as I knew the condition can be treated easily. As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t a good enough reason to spend a small fortune on a doctor visit.
If you are in a similar situation, fake doctor’s excuse documents will be extremely helpful. A phony medical paper of a high quality is the perfect excuse for missing work, but it might get you in trouble.

Be extremely careful and follow the tips from this article to prevent any problems.

As long as you remember to behave like sick people do and choose an excuse that will be believable, you shouldn’t have any problems. I strongly suggest watching some educational videos and reading stories from people who used these forged medical excuses before to make sure that your own act is perfect. No detail is too small when it comes to this kind of ‘play’ and with your job on the line, you really can’t be too careful. However, with an authentic-looking paper and some confidence on your side, you’ll be able to get through this challenge easily, and it’ll only get better the next time you try to use this excuse.

doctors excuse note

Its summer and you’ve worked hard all year; you deserve a day or two off. While you may merit a day off, you may not have the vacation time to take. So, the best thing to do is throw caution to the wind and take that well deserved day off anyway. You’re probably wondering how in the world you can do this without getting into mounds of trouble. The answer is a fake doctor’s note. Yes, ones of these things can give you the freedom to take the day off you so desperately need and you won’t get in trouble either!

Creating A Fake Doctor’s Note Is Easy

For those who think it isn’t that easy, think again. Fake doctor’s notes allow you to schedule your own days off when you need. Are your kids draining your personal days with their sickness and other issues? There are so many people who find themselves in this same boat and still need one more day. Rather than take the wrath of their bosses and jeopardize their jobs, they simply use  fake doctor’s notes. By going online, there are tons of templates to create that doctor’s note and it gives you that day off. These doctors excuses look so real you will have a hard time knowing they aren’t. The best way to fool a supervisor is to be one step ahead of them. Rather than having you do all the research, these templates do it for you.


How Does This Work?

There are numerous templates available. Whether you want a letter from a mental health profession, or you choose to have one from an urologist’s office, it makes no difference. These data bases have collected tons of real medical excuses from all over the country. After doing intense studying, they created a series that are eerily similar. These doctors excuses are so accurate they fool even the best trained eye. There are over 30 templates that any consumer has access too. Simply choose the one you want, edit it and then print. It’s that simply to have the excuse you need for a well-deserved day off (heck there is even a salon named after it)!

Will I Get Caught with the Phony Doctor’s Note?

Most employers don’t even question a doctor’s excuse. United States HIPAA laws limit what an employer can ask for, as far as personal records go. You are not required by law to tell your employer anything about your personal condition, and they are not allowed to ask. All you have to do is produce a fake letter from your doctor and you are good to go. Unless you have a record of being dishonest with the company, there is generally no reason why an employer would go snooping to see if your letter is fake. These doctor notes look so real, they won’t question their authenticity.

Fake Doctor’s Notes For More Than Work

While most people want an excuse for a day off work, there are other times that these fake notes might come in handy. Schools have become increasingly harsh about time off and attendance records. However, the one thing that trumps most handbooks is a doctor’s note. Well, by generating a note for the student, they can graduate or stay within the good graces of the school system without issue. What could be easier than going online, finding the letter you want and printing!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are tired of being bullied by a cruel attendance policy at work or school, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Stop letting people tell you when and if you can take a day off. By taking control of your own attendance through the use of fake doctor’s notes, your likely get pity from being sick rather than wrath for being absent.

Use a physician's note.
A dr. note works great.

Utilizing a Doctors Excuse for Work, School, Free Time

dr note excusesUsing a genuine or fake doctor’s note to be excused from work or school is virtually unverifiable because the medical staff is unable to state whether or not you were seen by one of their personnel or visited their institution unless you sign a release. This makes the use of a doctor’s note to establish a doctors excuse for missing a day at work or school a very viable option. The more official looking the note the more it is likely it will be accepted.

Everything You Need to Know About a Using Doctors Excuse

A doctor’s note may be a requirement in order to get paid for the allotted sick days your company gives each employee. The note might be required to collect on any insurance claims you might file while employed such as claims filed against workman’s compensation. Students need doctor’s notes to limit the number of school days they must make up if their habitually sick. A college student may need to take an exam at a later date and only a doctor’s note will excuse them. A doctor’s note might even be required for clearance to simply be employed at a particular job. Each of these requiring, an appointment, wait time of as much as one month or more, the expense of the doctor’s visit, travel costs and possible rescheduling time. A doctor’s excuse has many uses in today’s world of employment and education.


Not every job or school requires the submission of doctor’s notes when ill, but some will ask for a note if you have no allowable sick days and call in sick. On the job, they may also ask for a doctor’s note if you have used all your personal days and vacation time, as well as all your sick days. If you are a problem employee who is habitually absent, they’ll want to document your absences so that you can be terminated without any backlash. The doctor’s note can legitimize your absences making them appear like genuine health situations.

Legitimate doctor’s note can be as simple as a page with the doctor’s information listing the doctor’s name, credentials, address and phone number. Check boxes next to various health requests, i.e. please excuse from work, school or P.E.; and excuse due to injury or illness must also appear on this note. The note is dated and the time frame for the patient to be excused is listed as well. Most importantly, it must have the doctor’s signature or a reasonable facsimile.

Forms of Acceptable Doctor’s Excuses

• Doctor’s Excuses
• Doctor’s Return to Work Releases
• Medical Referral-Physicians Report
• Handwritten note on a prescription pad
Medical Certificate
• Hospital Release Notes
• Payment Receipts

While fake doctor’s excuses may work sometimes, the majority of your sick days that are documented should be marked by actual visits to the doctor. Because, some employers actually do check and if they do and find you misstated the truth, the next step could be dismissal. Employers often exercise their right to fire employees who lie about illnesses to escape their work responsibilities and still get paid. This is a form of theft punishable by termination.

If you have the rare occasion to need a falsified doctor’s note due to the circumstances surrounding your illness, you may choose to submit one. Make this a rare and obsolete option and you’ll probably keep your job even if it is discovered to be falsified. In 9 out of 10 sick days, if a doctor’s excuse is needed, see a real medical professional and be content knowing you received medical care when needed and your employer paid you for that sick day. Please also review our doctors note template page for more information. If you want some great doctor’s excuses, go to