Why You Need A Fake Doctor’s Note for Work, School and More

doctors excuse noteIts summer and you’ve worked hard all year; you deserve a day or two off. While you may merit a day off, you may not have the vacation time to take. So, the best thing to do is throw caution to the wind and take that well deserved day off anyway. You’re probably wondering how in the world you can do this without getting into mounds of trouble. The answer is a fake doctor’s note. Yes, ones of these things can give you the freedom to take the day off you so desperately need and you won’t get in trouble either!

Creating A Fake Doctor’s Note Is Easy

For those who think it isn’t that easy, think again. Fake doctor’s notes allow you to schedule your own days off when you need. Are your kids draining your personal days with their sickness and other issues? There are so many people who find themselves in this same boat and still need one more day. Rather than take the wrath of their bosses and jeopardize their jobs, they simply use  fake doctor’s notes. By going online, there are tons of templates to create that doctor’s note and it gives you that day off. These doctors excuses look so real you will have a hard time knowing they aren’t. The best way to fool a supervisor is to be one step ahead of them. Rather than having you do all the research, these templates do it for you.


How Does This Work?

There are numerous templates available. Whether you want a letter from a mental health profession, or you choose to have one from an urologist’s office, it makes no difference. These data bases have collected tons of real medical excuses from all over the country. After doing intense studying, they created a series that are eerily similar. These doctors excuses are so accurate they fool even the best trained eye. There are over 30 templates that any consumer has access too. Simply choose the one you want, edit it and then print. It’s that simply to have the excuse you need for a well-deserved day off!

Will I get Caught?

Most employers don’t even question a doctor’s excuse. HIPAA laws limit what an employer can ask for, as far as personal records go. You are not required by law to tell your employer anything about your personal condition, and they are not allowed to ask. All you have to do is produce a fake letter from your doctor and you are good to go. Unless you have a record of being dishonest with the company, there is generally no reason why an employer would go snooping to see if your letter is fake. These doctor notes look so real, they won’t question their authenticity.

Fake Doctor’s Notes For More Than Work

While most people want an excuse for a day off work, there are other times that these fake notes might come in handy. Schools have become increasingly harsh about time off and attendance records. However, the one thing that trumps most handbooks is a doctor’s note. Well, by generating a note for the student, they can graduate or stay within the good graces of the school system without issue. What could be easier than going online, finding the letter you want and printing!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are tired of being bullied by a cruel attendance policy at work or school, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Stop letting people tell you when and if you can take a day off. By taking control of your own attendance through the use of fake doctor’s notes, your likely get pity from being sick rather than wrath for being absent.