Utilizing a Doctors Excuse for Work, School, Free Time

dr note excusesUsing a genuine or fake doctor’s note to be excused from work or school is virtually unverifiable because the medical staff is unable to state whether or not you were seen by one of their personnel or visited their institution unless you sign a release. This makes the use of a doctor’s note to establish a doctors excuse for missing a day at work or school a very viable option. The more official looking the note the more it is likely it will be accepted.

Everything You Need to Know About a Using Doctors Excuse

A doctor’s note may be a requirement in order to get paid for the allotted sick days your company gives each employee. The note might be required to collect on any insurance claims you might file while employed such as claims filed against workman’s compensation. Students need doctor’s notes to limit the number of school days they must make up if their habitually sick. A college student may need to take an exam at a later date and only a doctor’s note will excuse them. A doctor’s note might even be required for clearance to simply be employed at a particular job. Each of these requiring, an appointment, wait time of as much as one month or more, the expense of the doctor’s visit, travel costs and possible rescheduling time. A doctor’s excuse has many uses in today’s world of employment and education.


Not every job or school requires the submission of doctor’s notes when ill, but some will ask for a note if you have no allowable sick days and call in sick. On the job, they may also ask for a doctor’s note if you have used all your personal days and vacation time, as well as all your sick days. If you are a problem employee who is habitually absent, they’ll want to document your absences so that you can be terminated without any backlash. The doctor’s note can legitimize your absences making them appear like genuine health situations.

Legitimate doctor’s note can be as simple as a page with the doctor’s information listing the doctor’s name, credentials, address and phone number. Check boxes next to various health requests, i.e. please excuse from work, school or P.E.; and excuse due to injury or illness must also appear on this note. The note is dated and the time frame for the patient to be excused is listed as well. Most importantly, it must have the doctor’s signature or a reasonable facsimile.

Forms of Acceptable Doctor’s Excuses

• Doctor’s Excuses
• Doctor’s Return to Work Releases
• Medical Referral-Physicians Report
• Handwritten note on a prescription pad
Medical Certificate
• Hospital Release Notes
• Payment Receipts

While fake doctor’s excuses may work sometimes, the majority of your sick days that are documented should be marked by actual visits to the doctor. Because, some employers actually do check and if they do and find you misstated the truth, the next step could be dismissal. Employers often exercise their right to fire employees who lie about illnesses to escape their work responsibilities and still get paid. This is a form of theft punishable by termination.

If you have the rare occasion to need a falsified doctor’s note due to the circumstances surrounding your illness, you may choose to submit one. Make this a rare and obsolete option and you’ll probably keep your job even if it is discovered to be falsified. In 9 out of 10 sick days, if a doctor’s excuse is needed, see a real medical professional and be content knowing you received medical care when needed and your employer paid you for that sick day. Please also review our doctors note template page for more information. If you want some great doctor’s excuses, go to bestfakedoctorsnotes.net.