Great Tricks for Handing in a Doctors Note Template

fake doctors note templates for work or schoolEver wish that you could get 24 hours of freedom from work or school? A fake doctors note template can be just what the doctor ordered. Faking an illness is a time honored tradition among students and employees. The best way to go about this is to use fake doctor’s note templates. Here are some great tips on handing in one of these babies.

Here is a closeup of the fake doctors note.

Start Off By Choosing a Purpose for Your Fake Doctors Note Template

Feigning an illness is something that can be easy to catch on to. People are suspicious by nature, so it pays to plan in advance and be organized. The illness that is being faked should be one that is commonly known such as strep throat, stomach virus, or kidney infection. A fake doctor note can save your life.

Look through the Available Fake Doctors Note Templates

There are many excuse templates to look through. It is important for individuals to decide on one based on the type of sickness, illness or injury that they want to fake. For example, people can select a family physician one to fake strep throat. This would be a believable way to try to hand in a fake doctors note that looks legitimate.


Use Medical Terminology

One trick is to use medical terminology to make the content look and sound like it was written by a real doctor. People should try to keep the content concise so that there is brief information so that no one can question that authenticity. The top of the note should contain a name such as Dr. Smith. The contact information should also be supplied as this is standard in the forms that physicians issue for their patients.

Have a Good Back Story on Your Form

Back stories are important to having a relevant faked illness. People should try to feign their symptoms a few days before ever calling in sick to work or school. People who are fine one day and then fall ill suddenly often raise red flags with administrative staff members.

Print Out a Rough Draft of Your Form

Rough drafts are the best trick to seeing if your doctor’s note looks real enough. People should read what they have written a few times aloud to themselves. This helps to make the dr excuse note more convincing. Editing the final product is the best way for people to ensure that they will get the days off without getting into trouble. People often need a free day or two so that they can relax and catch up on their own “me time” (its important, you know). The doctor’s note templates are top notch and can give people what they need.

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  1. Alexandra Rau

    Please excuse Alexandra from work due to a secret ankle sprain.
    No work Fri 11/27/2015
    If problem worsens please come back to Er
    Alexandra Eau
    1813 W Liberty St 2nd Floor
    Allentown,Pa. 18104

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